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Mother's Day Trip

I am back in the shop

I made a long and fast trip to the middle of California to visit my Mom. She is ok, but her health is failing faster. She was very happy to see for me for Mother's Day. I took her a small photo album and some of Mrs. Buhd's goodies. It was perfect.

Taking photos is my thing. But I am good about balancing between photography and spending time in the moment. Sometimes you spend time taking photos and miss the event. I took a couple cameras with me. I did some video and nearly zero still photos. I was focused. While driving and there. 

No road photos! So this photo is a stock photo that shows Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta is in Siskiyou County. Siskiyou County is the nothern most county on the west side of the state. The first county you hit when entering from Oregon. 

I didn't even stop to get the cool stuff available from Weed, California. You can imagine the stuff they have there!

I did get intel about the California cannabis market from the folks I know down there. I will cover that in another post.


Out for Mothers Day

Long weekend

Hello everybody! I am going to head out for a lower latitude to see my Mom. Her health is failing and a visit for Mother's Day is really needed. I plan on being out from Friday to Monday. I need to prep for the trip, so Thursday may be a short day.

I operate by bringing cannabis products direct from the growers/producers to you. Mrs Buhd and myself make some of our products too. I do all the packing and shipping, so when I take a day off, there is no employee to take over.  

I really appreciate all of you who support our local growers and producers. We all take pride in our handcrafted products and it is fulfilling to know our work helps.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. If appropriate, roast a bowl with your Mom. :)  
My mother is really old and we hit a vape pen with her a few years ago!


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