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Pacific NW Salmon

Pacific NW Salmon

 I am mostly a fair weather fisherman. I havent had any equipment for years. Even then, the stuff wasn't used that much. I have friends in the guide business up here in the Pacific Northwest. Fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Fishing around here is great, but going out in the ocean is much better!
My friends made an offer I can't refuse! So I'm going to pull some bounty out of the ocean. Hopefully more than just salmon. I'll need to take it slow and mind my back, but I'll be in good hands.
I will be out of Cannabits.net central from Monday, July 26 to Saturday, July 31
I'll be back in action on Monday, August 2 
Thank you all for supporting cannabis and Cannabits.net
Cheers - Buhd

Early Tangie Mid Grade

Early Tangie Mid Grade

With all the crazy events going on, budgets are getting tight.  Finding good bud at a budget price can be an adventure in finding out why some people should keep their buds for personal use only.  I asked my buddy (grows Columbia River Kush, Mango Mintz and Tahoe Cookies) about some good midgrade buds.

He checked with an older friend of his that he gave some of his seeds to. Ones he had grown a few years ago. My buddy is good at judging cannabis quality and was confident his friend's product would fit the bill. He was right! 
The buds come from crossing Early Skunk with Tangie. The Early Skunk has a floral, earthy aroma. I had these buds from him a few years ago. Great citrus/floral with some pungent earthiness. A nice amount of trichromes, these buds are a great value.  Buhd

Beyond the Brain Shatter

Beyond the Brain - Pull to Snap Shatter

Great buds make great dabs! This concentrate is easy to handle and delivers a powerful high that will energize your mind and spirit. Made from the smaller buds of the crop, this shatter is pure.

Columbian Sativa/Haze x Satori P1 (parent line) 
Crystal-clear cerebral high; expansive; active and social; energizing; transcendental. Especially valuable for creative and spiritually orientated persons and nature lovers. Great for experiencing a very clear, functional, motivational high with long-lasting potency along with the medical benefits.

Working Weekend

Hello friends of Cannabits!

I used this Independence Day weekend to work outside, bust out products and take a few pictures.
I worked on vape cartridges - Added a candy flavor and have some favorites that I fine tuned. They have better flavor and pack a punch. The cannabis oil in the cartridges is made from organic buds. No glycols, MCT or vegatable oils are used in Cannabits vape catridges. Only 100% organic ganja and natural terpenes. - Buhd


Mango Mintz

Mango Mintz

Mango Mintz is a wonderful hybrid between Animal Mints and Orange Zkittlez. The combo provides a great kick from the Animal Mints and the uplifting energy of Orange Zkittlez. Aromas and flavors abound. Notes of mint, citrus with a little sweet earth. This Mango Mintz is a strain my buddy has been cultivating for some time now. Along with new grow equipment, I am loving this harvest. - Buhd

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