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Fresh Buds - New Strains

New! Purple Punch - Name these strains.

I have new Purple Punch. This batch is from a different grower than the batch that has been listed. I am going to update th listing. Here is a pic:

 New Strains -

These are awesome new strains from my buddy that grows the Topicana Punch, Grape Pop, some others and the Apple Fritter that I had earlier in the year. He is a breeder too.
The first one is known as "29". It is Black Lotus Kush / 87 Lime Pop crossed with Black Lotus Kush / Triangle Kush / 88g13. The second one is known as "41". It is Triangle Kush crossed with 88g13 f2

These buds are fragrant, strong and smooth. He does a great job from start to finish. Just imagine my experience with him explaining these buds to me. A tall young man, early 30s, with long wavy hair. A big smile and red eyes, clearly involved in quality control. :)
He is rattleing off names, numbers and other details. He was also telling me about a few other strains that he has. Even though I was only getting these two. Re-assuring me the time that he will text me a "key" that will match the strains with the number. I will get these posted into individual articles, once I research the strains. 

Cannabis Sativa - Beyond The Brain

Beyond the Brain

Genetics: Columbian Sativa/Haze x Satori P1 (parent line)
Sativa fans wil love  the crystal-clear cerebral high with expansive, active and social effects. Energizing and transcendental. Especially valuable for creative and spiritually orientated persons and nature lovers. Great for experiencing a very clear, functional, motivational high with long-lasting potency along with medical benefits.
Aroma: Minty (sweet), thyme, some spice.
These organic buds smell wonderful and provide a deceiving smooth smoke. It hits you right after the sweet, spicy finish. Buhd

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