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A little story about extracts from my friend Harett. 

I found in a Duck Duck Go keyword search and it came down to hope in fellow man for first transactions. My first order was for 1g of wax. - Buhd’s note: That was in 2018. Six years ago!

  What I like the most about Buhd's waxes and shatters is experiencing the full profile by starting at a low temp and slowly increasing the temp until a strong rich vape emerges complete with top of head massage. Snap is easy to handle, rolls between fingers, drop in quick. To me each strain has is unique character, Shiatsu starts floral and works its way to mint. Citrus Sap is earthy, damp, old tree leaves. With more heat, sharpness and pepper. My fave, Beyond The Brain, starts piney minty and light behind the eyes. And after I turn up the heat a bit... nothing really matters anymore aahh :) 

Good Day,  Harett :))


Spring-time with Harett

Hey Buhd, My package got here just in time with spring bursting. For me, this means some strained breathing from the springtime pollen, the forestry doing burns, and city smog with the shift in the wind. So, during this time of year, I cut back the inhaling and make a pivot to edible whole-plant cannabis oil. This led to a cycle in my life of homegrown harvest and curing, then later extracting.  Back in those days, before, the only filter used was a paper coffee filter and it left behind sediment and grit, like an old coffee pot. All of this can be a great hobby with a lot of hard work but I am glad for delivery service. In my package was everything to continue whole-plant cannabis therapy with edible products. For me to immediately cease puffing bud causes me a little stress, so I lead my therapy with edible then, if needed, a light vape of bud or oil (we had homemade vape rigs in the olden days too!). And over a short time, complete the pivot to edibles. 

    The Full Spectrum Tincture is a form that is new to me. Like edible oil, It provides a thick gooey long-lasting treatment that I can describe as, ‘It gets in there, to those spots and places that are hard to reach'. There is no limit to the ways I can use it. As simple as a dropper to use. I small dosed for a couple of days to get acquainted then increased. The alcohol/glycerine base is not disagreeable to the tongue or sub-lingual, it leaves a curiously unique fresh taste tingle that is pleasant,  the alcohol base is harsh sub-lingual to the unaccustomed and I prefer to use it in food and beverages. So, some people choose not to ingest alcohol in any amount, I get it. Always a favorite of mine has been a hot cup of coffee or tea with a drop or two or ~ three of oil. (Hmmm... Coffee shops and cannabis, think that might catch on?)  I saw when the Full Spectrum Tincture is dropped into a steaming hot drink it immediately evaporates its grain alcohol into the air and defuses the Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil into my drink, some of the cannabis components make a light oil slick that I slurp off the top, aaah :))  For quick evaporation of the grain mix in food that is warm/hot 180f and give it a few minutes before enjoying. It will evaporate from the pockets on a chocolate bar at room temp, I give it a few coats.  A food-grade sprayer would have to be approved for grain alcohol. Fatty oily food works even better. Yo Now! I can make my own snacks, chocolates, and drinks with Full Extract Cannabis Oil at home. Getting all the benefits in my kitchen, with my favorite recipes, and not involving Big Marijuana, Cheer! Or have to apply for a Medical Marijuana Permit to be allowed to purchase overpriced, inferior-quality goods.

  Gummies are the easiest yet. Open Eat Yum Enjoy :)) Double strength is for me. A couple of times in the summer they melted along the way and once in the winter, must have ridden with a heater blowing on my package. Anyway, to the fridge, don't open and all the goo gums because of sealed packaging there's no loss. I put some in a container in my pocket and they get soft but don't melt.

   Also, a Full Extract Cannabis Oil Vape cart is a great aid to make the pivot from inhaling smoke to edibles. I enjoy the benefits of FECO as it is much the same as bud and easier to achieve higher levels. I like that the oil is de-carbed because vaping at lower temp gives me the best flavor.

I used a similar self-pivot move to get free of cigarette tobacco, the pivot doesn't use denial it does a switch out.

I hope that telling my experiences only helps someone out.  Good Day,  Harett  :)) 

Cannabis Sativa - Beyond The Brain

Beyond the Brain

Genetics: Columbian Sativa/Haze x Satori P1 (parent line)
Sativa fans wil love  the crystal-clear cerebral high with expansive, active and social effects. Energizing and transcendental. Especially valuable for creative and spiritually orientated persons and nature lovers. Great for experiencing a very clear, functional, motivational high with long-lasting potency along with medical benefits.
Aroma: Minty (sweet), thyme, some spice.
These organic buds smell wonderful and provide a deceiving smooth smoke. It hits you right after the sweet, spicy finish. Buhd

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