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Back on track

Driving, Parking and Walking - Yay!

With some thirty degrees plus day time temps and community wide effort. Getting around and finding a parking spot is possible. You can see from this picture, taken January 19, there's some room. The pickup and car you see are parked. Which is actually the middle of the road! It has been really bad for pedestrians. No sidewalks were cleared for quite a while. Some sidewalks are still covered. Major roads, those with two lanes and a center left hand turn lane, were down to a lane and a half or so. With giant piles going from the street al the way to the sidewalk, all five feet tall or so.

I am going to post this an get straight to work. I should have some product updates in the next week. 
Take care out there and keep me posted on what's happening in your world.

Cheers! - Buhd

January 6th, 2021


Area Shut Down

No Service Today.

My body is not happy with me! It was slow going! My grandson and I chipped away at the massive amounts of snow in the morning. With only a snow shovel and a snow blade (for pushing light snow). We were hoping to make room to get the snow off of the vehicles. The snow is dry and fluffy, but very deep.
Problem is that a new weather system is due on Friday. Predicting freezing rain and fourty degree daytime high. It has been in the low twenties. It is much easier to move snow when it's fluffy. 

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PNW Snow

Snow Shut Down

Hello Everybody. This is what we woke up to! That is our utility trailer on the left. Our vehicle is under the snow on the right. Our snowblower got stolen a few years ago and I haven't replaced it. I move slow with my bad back and my young grandson is doing his best to help me. 

If I have enough time I will get packages out today. Otherwise, I will dig out and start packaging to get orders out tomorrow.


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