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 August and this month have been very busy with cannabis and website projects. I will let you know about the ganja projects soon. Of the several web projects going on, one is at the top of my list. That is a short survey (only 12 questions) that my friend help me put together. The survey doesn’t require any personal information and is a blind survey. 

Everything is in constant change and your help is needed to let me know what changes are most important.
Many of you now have access to products due to legalization. There are many people, even in legal states, that may not have good access. Your answers are just as important as any others. The market is changing, let me know what is the good and bad. And let me know what is positive and negative with Cannabits.net. 

I love cannabis and cannabis products. I want to make sure I am doing the best I can. To start the survey I am contacting folks that placed an order on cannabits.net by email. I am going to post this and begin emailing soon afterward. I will also send an invitation to the survey in outgoing orders. A web link and QR code should help navigate to the twelve question survey.

Your help and support is deeply appreciated by myself and the grower/processors that make our products. 

Thank you - Buhd


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