Is legit?

Yes, is real and legitimate. Buhd started in 2014 when access to quality cannabis product was very limited. has added products and provides quality, organic cannabis delivered safely to your door.

Where do the product photos come from?

All of the photos are taken by Buhd. Along with a passion for all things cannabis, Buhd loves photography. Taking pictures of sweet buds is a favorite subject for sure.

Bitcoin and Crypto

Which cryptos do you accept?

Bitcoin and Litecoin are currently accepted.

What wallet should I use?

Buhd uses Electrum for Bitcoin. and for Litecoin and others.  Using a wallet to store your coin is best. When your coin is on an exchange wallet, the exchange has control of it.
Go here  for a wallet selection helper.

Where do I buy Bitcoin?

LibertyX - Buy Bitcoin with cash at 20,000 locations
CoinMama - Since 2013, buy Crypto with credit cards
SwanBitcoin - Buy Bitcoin automatically. Daily, weekly, monthly


Where do I get an Amazon gift card

Purchase Amazon gift cards at many Post Offices, supermarkets and convenience stores. There is no extra charge for the card. Available on most products in small to medium quantities.

How do I use Visa/MC gift cards?

Remove card from package. Take picture of front with receipt. Flip card over, and take a picture of back of card with receipt. Both sides are important for processing.

Are Visa/MC cards different?

Vanilla Gift cards work best. Mastercard woks as well as Visa.

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