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Hello I'm Buhd V. and my mission is to bring quality cannabis medicine to everyone! I am a cannabis connoisseur and a medical patient. I grew my first plants in the seventies as a teenager and enjoyed good bud recreationally. After an active lifestyle, a car accident and some injuries, I now use cannabis for chronic pain and muscle spasms. It may not have the powerful pain relief of prescription drugs, but it doesn't have  all the terrible side effects either!

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I believe cannabis is prohibited unjustly.

The fact that cannabis is rated as a schedule 1 drug (being highly addictive and having no medicinal value) is an outright lie. We have been denied the benefits of medical cannabis and industrial hemp far too long!

Mission Statement

Cannabits is dedicated to promoting the benefits of cannabis and providing high quality cannabis with integrity, accuracy and security.

Authentic Tradition
  • Pennsylvania

    Thanks so much, as you provide me the much needed relief for this disabled guy! With your service I am able to avoid toxic opiates! Your service has kept me active instead of snowed, as prior to your service, so I can not thank you enough.

  • Arkansas

    Hey Buhd, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your business man. I started out quite skeptical as a few more people that discover this site probably are but I can personally attest to your legitimacy. From day ones bitcoin payment to the happy look on my face when I opened the mailbox a few days later. Quality and Discretion at its finest. :D  Now being a loyal customer for months I look forward to seeing my mail lady because I get more than just bills. And anyone else that may stumble across this business, Buhd is "pure legit". Go ahead place an order you won't be disappointed. Two thumbs way HIGH up.

  • Delaware

    I was very pleased with your entire process in ordering my meds. So quick in delivery. Ive been scammed a few times so its such a pleasure to find an outstanding company to deal with. And i just want to give you guys the propts you deserve. Between my insomnia, severe back pain after two surgeries and my wife with fibromyalgia we have some really bad days. We totally believe that thc and cbd can help us daily. Thank you, Mike & GG

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