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Hello I'm Buhd V. and my mission is to bring quality cannabis medicine to everyone! I am a cannabis connoisseur and a medical patient. I grew my first plants in the seventies as a teenager and enjoyed good bud recreationally. After an active lifestyle, a car accident and some injuries, I now use cannabis for chronic pain and muscle spasms. It may not have the powerful pain relief of prescription drugs, but it doesn't have  all the terrible side effects either! I believe cannabis is prohibited unjustly. The fact that cannabis is rated as a schedule 1 drug (being highly addictive and having no medicinal value) is an outright lie. We have been denied the benefits of medical cannabis and industrilal hemp far too long!

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Cannabits is dedicated to promoting the benefits of cannabis and providing high quality cannabis with integrity, accuracy and security.


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E mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Speedy processing and shipping, great product. Anxiety and depression free for the first time in a long time. Thanks Buhd, you've helped this veteran feel a little more back to normal.
A Real Friend!
Buhd is my friend, y’all! He’s been taking care of me for almost 5 years and after more than a decade of different doctors and medicines, I finally found relief here for the many things I’ve struggled with for so long. I believe, because I’ve seen, it’s helped save my marriage, my family relationships, and my life. I believe that the only person that keeps us from enjoying life is ourself and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be the person that people need me to be...not what they want me to be. Even when my state legalizes cannabis, I’m sticking with Buhd, because he didn’t let lies and fear stop him from helping people. You’re a Saint Buhd!
yup....totally legit....thx from Tx
I live in Texas. This weed makes me ?. I have ADHD with depression. Makes it tough. Weed helps with my focus and anxiety despite what the police say or not say. I believe in weed. It’s part of me.
Thank you for doing what you do!
I so appreciate you sharing your mission and passion with us and promoting good growers. The Strawberry Dream is splendid - great focused dreaming for sure. Thank you again!
The best
Simply the best —??✨

Life renewing products, a friendly host, and quick shipping. Can't ask for anything more!lol
awesome service
just wanted to say thank you I am always happy to get my order from you I love your site and thank you for being there for people like us,
You Rock
Thank You for the consistent and fast delivery. Your pkgs are always a delight to open. The candy is such a sweet touch and this last shipment you included supplies to go along with my concentrate, That was thoughtful, You are appreciated out here ♥ cheers to more yrs ahead together
I am a military retiree with a brain injury, chronic migraines and PTSD. I am also a medical provider. I recently became a medical cannabis patient in Florida. Under the current regulations all I can receive is the 1% THC high CBD medication. That just wasn't cutting it for headaches and neck pain. Your Mickey Kush is amazing! I still feel awake and able to function but not in pain. And it doesn't make me anxious. You are doing the world a fantastic service. Thank you!

Great to hear! - Buhd

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He is not a scammer. Buying quality goods via bitcoin from Cannabits consistently for over a year. On one occasion, my order was about 8 days in and I emailed him. He responded fast and after some very accommodating efforts on his end my product arrived and I saw for myself that it was a USPS delay, not Budh. The only other time I corresponded w Budh was to relay a personal mistake on my part. He was very patient and responsive to my situation. In his business, I imagine...not many others would take the time, Buhd did, he answered my annoying emails. This is real. It has helped my social anxiety and w a little tease arch on leafly, I place my order and am always psyched to go to my mailbox within 5-7 days to get my special priority box from Budh! Muchthx

Nicole - Very satisfied buyer 1+yrs

Well done my new friend. Few things in life are as advertised these days, so I am pleasantly surprised! Great product and even better service. Count on me as a regular every month!


All I can say is.....WOW, WOW and WOW. Very very pleased, no pain while I'm writing this to you, your my new best Bud, Thank you!