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New Pricing

New Prices on Buds

Market prices on buds have changed and I have not kept up. Many things are changing. I have been focused on getting new vape cartridges, working on edibles and mushrooms.

I did not realize that where I had been priced lower than my competitors, now my prices are too high. The small growers I work with haven't dropped their prices. So it just took me a bit to pick up on this 

We really appreciate all of you. If something isn't working right, please let me know. 



Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

I love cannabis and I love freedom more. One of my favorite things about Cannabits.net is that you and I operate in a truly free market. And we have been doing just that since 2014.

Yes, buying crypto on an exchange isn't quite right. Some of you just may have an individual that you buy bitcoin from. On my end I trade crypto with individuals, not exchanges.
For eight years you have trusted me to deliver quality cannabis products and resolve issues when they arise. I trust that crypto traders will send me cash. We all trust that we will be honest with each other.

It's not easy though. I certainly have been ripped off by traders and customers. You have been taken by sites that take your money and never deliver. I know because you have shared these stories with me.

So we can celebrate that growers can grow and produce various products. Spending time producing, not submitting daily reports. Celebrate that my wife and I can make products and ship them to you. Celebrate that you get those products at your door. And that you are voting for freedom with every order.

The only time freedom is given, is when it is given up. Otherwise freedom is always taken. It is taken from you or you take it back. In a small way, you and I are taking some freedoms back. Simply by not asking for permission and trusting each other.
Cheers - Buhd

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