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Kush Guy

I have appreciation for the kush guy, these kushs tilt the meter, ding ding ding.
I like lumpy buds,  I break up a bud of the OG Kush and see layers of swollen pods arranged and stacked only the way nature can, in a style particular to indica plant, and smothered in crystal. Given time to fully mature and fruit as nature does when given opportunity by the nurseryman. Harvest time for the best bud is determined by sight, smell and touch, not by a calendar. But it doesn't stop there, the plant has to be properly harvested, trimmed, and most importantly, cured correctly. The kush guy knows curing is just as critical to a great season as the growing. Again the experienced touch is required with time, patience, and attention. This is the only way to make great buds - hard work and attention to detail.   Three Cheers! Harett. :))

Harret Checks In

What's in a name?

People in the cannabis community love the plant. We love it so much that we want to share it with our loved ones. If we have only one kind of plant or product it would be easy. 'Hey Bud I'd like if you tried some of this plant.' And if there is blessing of more than one type to share? You get it, names.

Human gets to make all the names, some descriptive. From fanciful to serious, some names are numbers (bang my brain). They are just names. For derived products, the names imply a characteristic; Shatter, Butter, Full Spectrum, FECO, on and on. There will be new names.

Names in my memory are geographical and descriptive, like Colombian Gold, Panama Red, Jamaican Red, Green, Brown, Regs a nice name for dirt weed, Homegrown was always a good name. And then my world changed in a day, they called it NL5.

Yup, what's in a name, it's Platinum.
Platinum Purple Kush, Platinum a very high grade indeed. These buds meet the tough standard by displaying their Platinum sheen. Easily seen against a flat black background with a led flashlight, I use reading glasses to look at buds close.

The very small size resin heads light up under the light at different angles. My thoughts wander to sunset, days waning, harvest time approaching, thick colas swaying in the cooling breeze, leaves turning an unmistakable purple as buds swell in anticipation.
Hmm, think I'll sleep in the patch tonight and catch the view at sunrise, shining Platinum light.

   Gooday, Harett :))

Cannabis Sativa - Beyond The Brain

Beyond the Brain

Genetics: Columbian Sativa/Haze x Satori P1 (parent line)
Sativa fans wil love  the crystal-clear cerebral high with expansive, active and social effects. Energizing and transcendental. Especially valuable for creative and spiritually orientated persons and nature lovers. Great for experiencing a very clear, functional, motivational high with long-lasting potency along with medical benefits.
Aroma: Minty (sweet), thyme, some spice.
These organic buds smell wonderful and provide a deceiving smooth smoke. It hits you right after the sweet, spicy finish. Buhd

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