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Harvesting Cannabis Buds for a Better Smokable Experience

The 2022 harvest season was an exciting time for us as cannabis growers.  We got to finally reap the rewards of our hard work. It’s also a time of celebration - when the buds are harvested, dried, and cured, it’s time to smoke! In this article, we take a look at the process of harvesting cannabis buds and why it can make for a better smoking experience.

Harvesting cannabis buds is one of the most important steps in the cultivation process. It requires precision, timing, and skill to ensure that all plants reach optimal harvest maturity. When done correctly, harvest yields will be higher and buds will be more potent. The key is to wait until trichomes have reached peak ripeness before cutting down the plants and starting the drying process.

 When harvesting flowers, it’s important to use sharp scissors or shears so that you don’t damage any delicate bud structures. After cutting off individual branches, hang them upside-down in a cool dry room with good air circulation. This allows moisture to evenly redistribute throughout the flowers which prevents mold from forming during curing and storage.  Once your flowers have been hung up for 3-5 days (depending on temperature/humidity levels), it’s time for hand trimming! Hand trimming involves snipping away fan leaves with scissors

 Once trimmed and dried properly, your flowers are now ready for curing! Curing is an essential step in creating high-quality smokable weed because it activates terpenes that give marijuana its distinct flavor profiles and aromas. During curing, flavors become more complex while harshness is eliminated giving you smoother hits every time you pack a bowl or roll up a joint!

 Harvesting cannabis buds is an art form that requires dedication and patience but yields amazing results in terms of potency and flavor profile when done correctly! From choosing ripe trichomes to hand trimming to curing flower properly - every step is taken with care so that you can enjoy top-shelf smokable weed every single time you light up! 

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