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New Cannabis Product

Cannabis Brownie Kit

A bake it fresh kit you make at home. Everything included to make your own edibles. Crafted with Buhd's Full Extract Cannabis oil infused in scent free organic coconut oil. Available in Regular Strength and Double Strength. Regular strength is 480mg cannabis oil per batch. Double strength is 960mg per batch. The brownie mix is a quality double dark chocolate, with bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Your easy to make brownie kit comes with easy instructions. You just need an egg, a spoon and a bowl. The kit comes with it's own pan to bake in. Two pans come with the two batch brownie kits. Open up the box and you will have cannabis brownies ready in less than an hour.

Comments from Harret:
When I received my two batch brownie kit, I baked one and put one in the freezer. My kit included a regular strength and double strength packet. I started with the regular strength batch.
Testing of first regular strength batch concluded in a few days, with the last serving wrapped and in freezer (sign of satisfaction). The 1/9 portion worked for good me. Also tried 3 portions spread throughout a day. Awhile after consuming the 3rd serving, full effect intensity is soothing to body and stimulating to mind, that wanes into quiet bliss.
Time came to test the second batch. I set the frozen Double Strength kit out for a few hours, the oil envelope was still firm so I warmed it between my hands to soften a little more then snipped the corner, poured and squeezed into a bowl with an egg and 1/4 cup water, stirred with small spoon, ok if cold egg solidifies the oil a little, then added mix and stirred until all the mix was wet and poured/scraped into pan using spatula and spread in pan, baked on a sheet pan for easier handling, without cover at 350f. for 28 min. checked with toothpick for done, looking for wet batter not melted chips. Cooled and cut into 16 pieces. One piece is a very comfortable serving, wait awhile to see if you really want another. 

Buhd, Seriously now, the brownies are good! They do what cannabis brownies are suppose to do. Compared to the olden days of trying to work with cooked grass to make an extract, makes it so easy.  These brownies are brownies for today.   -   Yoohoo! Gooday, Harett



Pricing - Special Promotion - Same Prices for card or crypto - Shipping included

One Batch -  Regular Strength $48.00    |    Double Strength  $72.00
Two Batch -  Regular Strength $80.00    |    Double Strength  $128.00   |   One Regular/One Double  $105.00


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