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Albino Burma

Albino Burma

Albino Burma is an albino variant of Southeast Asia’s classic, high-potency Burma strain. Although not a true albino (it still produces some pigment), this strain produces ghostly white caps. Albino Burma is considered “above average” in terms of potency. The effects are incredibly intense, with a strong body high and vivid, closed- and open-eye visuals.

The Burma strain originates from Myanmar (formerly Burma), a country in Southeast Asia between Thailand and India. A Thai student was supposedly the first to discover and collect this strain near a village called Yangon. However, it's widely accepted that John Allen, the famous mycologist, brought the first sample back to the West. Apparently, the student who discovered the strain gifted a sample to John Allen, who brought it back to the West, cultivated it, and distributed the spores among the mushroom community.

John Allen grew only one flush from the original Burma spore sample and propagated them, which he distributed across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Allen has stated that the spores sold online today likely originated directly from the sample the Thai student gifted him — pretty amazing. The albino is a variant of the original Burma.

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