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Hillbilly Pumpkin Mushrooms

Hillbilly Pumpkin Psilocybin Mushrooms

 Hillbilly Pumpkin
Hillbilly mushrooms are a cultivated variety of magic mushrooms. Hillbilly Pumpkin is a fantastic microdose shroom. Interest in the stout-stemmed Hillbilly has been renewed since it enjoyed a distinct moment in the limelight after winning the Hyphae Cup Microdose category in Spring 2022. Hyphae Labs, which runs the Hyphae Cup, operates in Oakland, where psilocybin mushrooms are decriminalized.
 These are super rare Hillbilly Pumpkin Mushrooms, that are the genotype of Hillbilly. As you can see the shroom itself resembles the holiday classic fruit. The mushroom is even said to have a faint pumpkin flavor, but identical psychoactive effects to Hillbilly Psliocybe Cubensis. Their look and size cater to the overall novelty of a miniature pumpkin, that is seriously trippy.

Effects And Dosage
Like other P. cubensis varieties, Hillbilly mushrooms contain the psychoactive compounds psilocin and psilocybin and, with a sufficient dose, will produce psychotropic effects. Hillbilly Mushrooms Effects Users tend to detail a Hillbilly mushroom trip with soft descriptors and pro-social language: euphoric, friendly, giggly, and gentle. Because tripping with Hillbillies is associated with more laughter and fewer difficult experiences, they’re often seen as a good magic mushroom for less experienced psychonauts. And while some users find Hillbilly to be a visual strain, that’s not necessarily what to expect. The mushroom is not there to offer you extreme visuals or audio hallucinations. It is there to help. A Hillbilly mushroom trip gently coaxes the user into greater awareness with its friendly, laid-back vibe. “It says, ‘We’re gonna see some things, but it’s not gonna be too bad. You know? I’m your friend.’”

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