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Vape Oil Refills

Vape Oil Refills with blunt tip needle

The same honey oil based vape oil in our cartridges. Ready to use in your vape device, fill your cartridges, dab in your dab rig or drizzle on buds for a sweet punch. 

The full spectrum honey oil captures an extended range of cannabis medicine than THC only vape oil. Getting the cannabinoids is important, especially when there are sixty six identified cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one, the other sixty five cannabinoids are valuble medicines and compounds. Some cannabinoids extend the effects of THC.  There are many benefits from all these cannabinoids that get left out of most other vape oils.

The honey oil is also decarboxalated. This means the THC is activated and ready to be absorbed in your body. If vape oil is not activated, then the activation must occur when the vape cartridge heats the oil. This isn't enough time and heat to fully activate all the THC available. Getting all the good stuff is what it's all about!

Bitcoin/Litecoin:    1 syringe - $125.00  |  2 syringes - $240.00   |  3 syringes - $335.00   |   4 syringes - $435.00
Amazon/Visa GC:   1 syringe - $155.00  |  2 syringes - $290.00    |  3 syringes - $410.00   |   4 syringes - $525.00

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