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Cannabis Medical Balm

Cannabis Medical Balm

This tremendous cannabis balm is from Mrs. Buhd's medicine cabinet. An excellent baker, confectioner, soap maker and aromatherapist. She has been selling these locally for years.

The feedback is always great. It's great for body and muscle pain. Skin conditions, scar therapy and as a general hand/foot balm. The surgeon that performed her foot surgery was amazed at how quickly her skin and scar healed afterwards. 

Mrs. Buhd's recipe starts with infusing jojoba, hemp and grape oil with a blend of specially selected herbs. The herbs soak in the organic oil mix for three months. This process extracts nature's medicine from the herbs to the oil base. An expert blend of high grade essential oils, a healthy portion of my Buhd's Super Oil and organic bee's wax round out the ingredients.

 You may be thinking - "Buhd, if it's so good, why is it not listed?"  Good question, easy answer. I didn't have enough of my super oil. I have been working with a new piece of equipment to make the oil since January. I feel pretty good about oil production, so I am going to list it on the site.

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