Growing top grade cannabis is my passion, but making a living from technology has been a big part of my life. So I've taken the tech skills and found a way to create a secure and anonymous system.

Here are the security features put into this site and system to ensure everyone's safety.

Site Security:

The site is protected by an SSL Cerificate. The site defaults to the https:// url designation. You will see that in your address bar. You may also see the "lock" icon as well. The site software has security software to protect against hackers, malware, urviruses and other attacks. There is no user registration or shopping cart involved. This is above and beyond the server security. The server is 256-bit SSL protected Control Panel, Filemanager and Webmail. The server stores all the sensitive data encrypted.  Server locations are in countries where the online censorship is low. One country, like Iceland is not part of the EU or USA. Iceland's independent freedom of expression legislation guarantees publishers, journalists and bloggers a safe "media haven".


No shopping cart, no registering, just a simple form that is submitted on a secure site. Your shipping information is only stored long enough for shipping and delivery. Then deleted. 


Payments are anonymous. We currently accept bitcoin and re-load cards. 


All product is double vacuum sealed, then enclosed in a food grade packaging to ensure a completely smell-proof and stealth package All packages are shipped to standard specifications and in standard packaging so they blend right in! Shipping is free and usually takes about 3 days in the 48 states, a bit longer for Alaska and Hawaii. Sorry, for security no International orders.

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