Where is your contact form?
I had to remove the contact form because of the amount of crazy and frivolous emails. By the time I got to the legit ones I was out of time to reply.

Is Cannabits legit?
The answer is yes, I run an honest and legitimate business. My goal is to provide my customers with great products and great customer service so they will come back for more and tell their friends about my great products and service. Cannabits is your connection for top grade ganja!
What is the quality?
My quality is very high. All the products are grown organically in soil, unless stated otherwise. The buds are properly cured and dried. Extracts are super clean, processed by pros.
Can I pay with paypal, credit card, western unions etc?
I do not accept any other payment methods besides what is listed in the payment section. I currently accept Bitcoin and ReLoad-It cash re-load cards.
How long does it take to receive my package?
Generally it takes from 4-6 weekdays once payment is received.
Is it really safe to order from you?
Safer than the street. In that case, you have money and a controlled substance at the same time and place. Pretty incriminating, easy to set up and prosecute. With Cannabits.net, the transactions are separate. Your payments are anonymous. The package is triple sealed. Your package will look like an ordinary package so who’s to know what’s in it? Please see the security page for more information on my security system.
How do you ship?
I ship USPS
Will I have to sign for a package?
You will NEVER have to sign for a package from me.
Do you ship to PO boxes?
Yes, shipping is available to PO boxes.
Can I get a tracking number for my order?
For security reasons, I do not provide tracking information.
Where do you ship to?
I ship to all 50 states
What is your return/refund policy?
For obvious reasons I do not accept returns. If your package does not arrive within 6 days of payment, write to me and I will check the tracking records to see if it was delivered. If the package was not delivered due to my error I will resend or give you a refund. If the package was delivered, I will give you the tracking number so you can see for yourself it was delivered, but no refund. It could be it was intercepted by a family member or roommate and I have no control over that. Also if it was not delivered due to a customer giving a faulty address there will be no refund.
Do I need a Medical Marijuana permit?
No. No need for that here.
What does the package look like?
I use a standard "Small Box" from the Postal Service. Easily fits in apartment style mailboxes.
Amy Vaughn
Fulfilled order
Thank you so much for sending xtra smoke and dab! It is so appreciated! And your stealth shipping was still on point even though you are super busy. I've placed several orders now, and you never disappoint. Thank you again for the hard work you do to help us, Buhd!
Vape cartridge
What kind of vaporizer do the vape cartridges fit?

The cartridges are the standard 510 thread. You can find the Vape pen, also called Vape pen battery at local stores and on Amazon.

Been dealing with Buhd for years at least once every two to three weeks and I have never had an issue;
He is the greatest!
Buhd is truly a gift to all of us anxious folks. Not only did he promptly mail my package, he also kept in touch with me through email to ensure that I, as a customer, was satisfied. He is legit, and then some.

P.S. He even seems like a normal person like you and I, not shady at all like other people I've seen before. Give him a shot and I promise you'll be happy!

For anyone looking for a legitimate business, this is it. There are seemingly thousands of online sellers, and I’ve found a total of 2 that are truely invested in helping people with their medicinal needs- this site being one of them. Buhd doesn’t have a ridiculous minimum order amount, nor are the prices 3-4x market value, as is the case with other vendors. Thank you for running an honest shop! You’ve earned my business going forward.
Legit and then some!
This site is an oasis of hope in an digital desert of lies. I was kinda surprised when the service was friendly, the shipping was lightning fast, and the package arrived much sooner than expected. I was blown away by the quality of the strains and potency of the wax. Having spent cumulative days looking for a legitimate online business run by an honest person, I can tell you you’re already at the best one. Fast, honest, safe and stealthy, Buhd will not disappoint!
Buhd - You are the real deal. You have always treated me righteously. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work.
Great products good prices and express delivery. Awesome! Thank you so much
I am new to ordering online. I am going to use Gemini as they are authorized or otherwise contracted with by Bitcoin in California. Do you/can you accept payment from Gemini?

Yes, you can send payments from Gemini.

Em Dawg
New Order
Hey there! I was wondering if I could keep sending money to the same bitcoin address or if you use different addresses for security purposes. BTW, I got blue dream and it was AMAZING. I'm used to sellers around here saying they have medical grade stuff. Simply not true, and I don't think I'll buy anywhere else from here from now on. Thank you so so much!
Great to hear! For security, I will send a new address for each order.

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