Amazon Gift Card

To use an Amazon Gift Card - 

Purchase an Amazon gift card from your local supermarket, convenience store of post office.

Remove plastic card from package.

Scratch off "Claim Code" area on the back of plastic card

Take a picture of reciept and card showing Claim Code.

Place order using Order Form and add picture to order form to upload.

Cash Instructions

Re-Load Card Step by Step

IMPORTANT: Do not buy the actual debit card!! You want a “reload”. It should be a 10 digit number under a scratch off on the back:

Use your cash to purchase re-load cards. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to a local convenience store or super-market  → Find the Reloadit card.
  2. Here are links to store locators: REloadit
  3. The re-load cards are usually located below the debit cards. They are printed on thick card-stock and have a scratch-off number on the back. Do Not purchase a plastic debit card!
  4. Scratch off the number, take a picture of the card and reciept.
  5. Fill out order form, including the number, and use the attachment feature on the form to send the picture.

 Example of what to send:
reloadit cash


Use Cash to Purchase Reloadit

Easy - 
1. Purchase a Reloadit card with your cash. Amazon Gift cards also accepted
2. Take picture or scan of scratch-off number on card, along with the reciept showing the amount
3. Send the code under the scratch off section with the photo you just took in the order form.

Re-load cards are used to put cash on to re-loadable debit cards. These are NOT Visa/MC Gift cards. They are usually located on the bottom rows of the Cash/Debit card section of the display. Super Markets, Convenience stores and other retailers sell these cards.

Note that there is a 10% surcharge for using this payment method which offsets my cost for cashing these in.