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Vapes 2.0

Next Level Vape Cartridges

The new cartridges are here. And I have four strains are ready to go. These new cartridges deliver the full potency of our oil. The user experience is great. The hit is potent and flavorful. The vape cloud is robust and the yield is top notch. Honestly, if I had known what a difference the cartridge makes, I would have done this sooner.

Last year my cartridge supplier, along with many other went away. This was due to new shipping regulations. I bought a good stock of cartridges in anticipation of this. Before stock got low, I began looking for new places to buy cartridges. It was not easy. But I found a place to purchase from and even recieved some samples to test. The samples proved to be awesome.

Once I tested the samples, I knew I had to get the new cartridges, even though I still have the old ones in stock. It has taken months to get them and it is worth it. I will post about the cartridges and our oil specifically. 

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