Tangie - Koffee Breath Indoor Cannabis

Tangie - Koffee Breath

Tangie- Koffee Breath!  A delicious hybrid marijuana strain from my buddy.  This tantalizing combination of Tangie and Koffee Breath will bring you an upbeat, clear-headed high that's perfect for daytime use. The sativa-heavy Tangie side gives you an uplifting cerebral buzz that heightens creativity and euphoria while providing focus and happiness. Meanwhile, balanced hybrid Koffee Breath helps to get your mind motivated with its energizing effects so that you can tackle any task on your to-do list with ease. Enjoy the unique combination of vivid mental clarity and relaxation provided by this special strain! This premium bud has THC in the 20% range with flavor you have come to expect with these indoor beauties.   Experience its one-of-a-kind benefits! Buhd

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