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Blueberry Cannabis Indica

Blueberry Cannabis Indica

Blueberry is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a punch of sweet berry flavor that cannabis connoisseurs can’t get enough of. Created by legendary breeder DJ Short in the early 70s, this classic strain is a descendant of Purple Thai and Afghan landrace genetics, giving it distinct flavors and effects no other strains possess! With a THC level ranging from 16%-24%, Blueberry is sure to bring calm and relaxation wherever you are.

Whether you're suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, migraines, or chronic stress or anxiety, Blueberry may be just the thing you need! Get ready for a calming flow of full body relaxation and happy cerebral effects with this top-notch classic strain. Plus, delight in its sweet and earthy blueberry aroma! Delight in an ultimate chill out session with Blueberry cannabis strain today and discover why it's stood the test of time as a favorite among weed enthusiasts alike.

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