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Add-On Gummys

Add these to any order!

GummiBear02 gummies

Fruit Flavored

After some refining of recipes, I have the combination of ingredients for the perfect gummy. Great fruit flavors and just the right dose!

Each bag contains four gummy worms or sixteen gummy bears. Four bears equals one worm. One to two gummy worms or two to four bears make a single dose.  This depends on your tolerance, body type and personal preferrence. 

They are packaged in bags of four worms/sixteen bears. There is a four bag limit. Gummys cannot be purchased separately.

Gummy Prices:

1 bag - 12.00 |  2 bags - 22.00 |  3 bags - 33.00 |  4 bags - 45.00

  • Made with cannabis infused coconut oil. Oil is organic and refined (no coconut aroma).
  • Assorted fruit flavors - not too sweet - not too sour.

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Buhd's Choice

Buhd's Choice

Let me choose - You save money!

I have a number of strains that have been taken off the site a little too early. I don't like it when I run out and have to substitute. So let me choose and save some coin! This is the same bud as the regular listings. I just don't have enough of each one to list. I will fill your order with all one or a split. You'll find out and be plesantly surprised when your package arrives.

Bitcoin Prices:   $60/ 5 gms  |  $120/ 10 gms  |   $175/ 15 gms  |  $295/ 30 gms

Reload Prices:   $75/ 5 gms  |  $150/ 10 gms  |   $225/ 15 gms  |  $375/ 30 gms

  • Hybrids
  • THC 20+%

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