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False Teeth**



Purple Shiatsu

Platinum Grandaddy Purple 


Purple Dream 

 Strawberry Dream

Banana Popsicle**  



**Limited Quantity

Bud Prices

Bitcoin Prices:    $65/ 5 gms  |  $130/ 10 gms  |   $190/ 15 gms  |  $315/ 30 gms  |   $460/ 45 gms  |  $600/ 60 gms

Gift Card Prices: $85/ 5 gms  |  $170/ 10 gms  |   $250/ 15 gms  |  $410/ 30 gms  |   $595/ 45 gms  |  $780/ 60 gms

5 gms and 45 gms - one strain only.  |  Others can be split in two strains only. 

Great service!
I love this site. The security features are awesome, the product is always excellent, it arrives on time, and I always get what I order. But at the moment I'm a bit disappointed, I prefer sativa or sativa dominant strains but almost everything here is indica. Give us a little more variety Buhd!

Yeah, Sativa is my favorite too! Problem is sativas take much longer to bloom and are larger than indicas. Harder to grow inside. Growers don't get any more money for the extra costs. So hybrids is the way they go. I always try though! :) - Buhd

Top notch
I relocated and was desperate to find a solution to getting off dilaudid due to chronic pain. Not only did Buhd help me find a solid regimen but I’ve never waited more than 2 business days to get my product. Thank you Buhd for giving us alternatives
I’ll admit, I was surprised by every step of this process, culminating in shock to realize that I not only received what I paid for, but that the products’ quality is amazing. So many of these websites are fake that I wasn’t truly expecting the fantastic service and lightning speed found here. Highly, highly recommend (no pun intended). Buhd has made me a regular customer. :]
Excellent product!
Fast , discreet shipping . Always quality medical grade ! Never been disappointed . Thanks Buhd!!!
great service
Budh has never let me down and always has top quality products. No worries
U.K. Cheese
I have just tried this new U.K. Cheese and I have to warn Y'All that this is a creeper buzz that sneaks up on you. All you need is one good hit, then give it a couple of minutes, then the next thing you know, you are zoned out.
Enjoy my friends.

One word sums it all up!



AWESOME Experience!

Great product! Super fast and discreet shipping! Can't wait to try out your other products. Thanks for the goodies Buhd. You won yourself a loyal customer!
Product came in a very timely manner. Good product! Thanks for the goodies Buhd. Can't wait to try out what else you have. Can't wait! Thanks for great business. You have earned loyal customer
Valarie B
Question about THC content
Could you recommend a strain that is low in THC and produces a more energetic result?

THC produces the energy, creativity, increased heart rate. CBDs regulate and extend the high. An extract or flower that has a THC:CBD ratio of 5:1 to 10:1 should produce a good balance. Everyone is different, so find a ratio that works for you.

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