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High quality and organic

I am proud to offer these high quality vape cartridges . Made with organic cannabis extract and natural terpenes. There are no glycoIs, glycerin or carrier oils.

Half of the 2019 crop was dedicated to extracts. The cannabis extract in these carts are from prime buds! 

I personally test and use these cartridges. Smooth and easy hitting. No coughing or harsh hit. This cannabis is top notch!

Current strains are Alaska Thunder F**k, Headband, Platinum OG, Super Lemon Haze and White Widow -  plus Purple Kush CBD

**NEW**  Buhd's Purple Kush with CBD - I added 15mg of CBD per half gram. I have half gram cartridges available. That's 15mg per cartridge. I believe that is on the mild side. That's the best way to start! For a limited time these carts will be the same price as the other cartridges. Feedback on these is appreciated! I will tune the formula based on your feedback and my personal testing. :) 

Available in One gram and Half gram cartridges

Half grams: 
Bitcoin:    2 cartridges - $75.00    |  4 cartridges - $140.00
Amazon:  2 cartridges - $90.00    |  4 cartridges - $175.00

One grams: 
Bitcoin:    2 cartridges - $140.00  |  4 cartridges - $265.00
Amazon:  2 cartridges - $175.00  |  Not Available


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