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My buddy has a good supply of Keif and made it available at a great price. I told him I can help and I know some folks that can help out and enjoy too. Great smell of hash!

Kief is the tri-chromes that fall off of the buds. This Kief has been screened. This means there is no other organic material and is very pure. This is great stuff! Feels like that kinetic sand. It sticks together, yet comes apart and doesn't really stick to your fingers. Use as a bowl topper, rolled in a joint or mixed in herb for your vape. Sweet!

Bitcoin Price:     $90/ 6 gms    | $115 8 gms  | $165 12 gms   |   $230 18 gms   | $335 28 gms  

Gift Card Price: $115/ 6 gms   | $145 8 gms  | $205 12 gms   |   $285 18 gms   | Not Available

  • 65 - 70 %  THC
  • Easy to handle. 

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