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Easy to work with waxes


These extracts are made by using butane as a solvent to separate the medicine (THC, CBD etc.) from the plant material (flower, leaf etc.) These are now produced in house. Using a dedicated portion of the organic crop. Not culled or tainted crops. High grade butane is pre filtered with a closed loop system. Then expertly vacuumed purged to remove all of the solvent. These organic concentrates are very terpine rich. 

Current stock is: Khyber Kush and Purple Shiatsu

Bitcoin Price:  $50/ 1 gms   |   $ 85/ 2 gms   |  $160/ 4 gms  |   $230/ 6 gms    | $290/ 8 gms  | $395/ 12 gms

Gift Card Price: $65/ 1 gms   |  $110/ 2 gms   |  $210/ 4 gms    

  • 75-80 %  THC
  • Terpine rich 

James W
Potent and Medical
Potent, medicinal product, and very high quality! Will I buy again? Hell yes!
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