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Rosin Extracts 

Also known as "Press". Rosin extracts are made by using a 20 ton hydralic press. The bud is placed in a cylinder and pressed through a fine screen.
The result is a pure 100% cannabis extract. All the THC, CBDs, Terpenes plus all the good stuff not yet identified!
In addition to awesome flavor and consistancy, these test out at about 80 - 85%. 

Current stock is Lemon Skunk

Bitcoin Price:  $50/ 1 gms   |   $ 85/ 2 gms   |  $160/ 4 gms  |   $230/ 6 gms    | $290/ 8 gms  | $395/ 12 gms

Reload Price:  $60/ 1 gms   |  $105/ 2 gms   |  $200/ 4 gms  |   $290/ 6 gms   |  $365/ 8 gms  | $495/ 12 gms


  • 75 - 85 %  THC
  • Peanut Butter to modeling clay consistancy.

  • Terpine rich - All natural .

First off, there are many sites. 60% of them might even be real ! Its like rolling the dice. Then there is Cannabits, Buhd, the real deal, a straight shooter, a very honest trusting man. He had to grow up like me. A look in the eye, a hand shake and a promise and the deal is done with no worries what so ever. What you see on his site is what you get, and usually a little more. To all lovers of cannabis, the risk stops right here & right now. I have placed 5 or 6 orders over past 3 years and not one teeny, tiny, problem ever. You can either have you shit in 5-6 days. Or not have your shit in 5-6 days ! Simple as that ! I just cannot say enough about this man other than use his services to prove his worth. Believe me, you will not be sorry ! Now, just got my 1 gram of Blue Dream Rosin and Buhd made it 11/4 grams, so a huge bonus right there. I am 60 yrs old and my first experience with Rosen ? I became anailated, obliterated, shit faced wastelanded. best thc BUZZ ever ! of all time !

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