Buhd's Video Log

Postal Service backed up!

Monday October 9th was Columbus Day. There was no mail service on Monday. It seems the USPS is having a hard time getting caught up. Some packages that were shipped on Saturday the 7th are still in transit. Not to mention packages that were shipped Tuesday and Wednesday. I did packing on Monday, but those actually shipped on Tuesday.

So now, many of you are starring at empty mailboxes and empty bowls. Also, you guys are checking in with me and asking for tracking numbers. Which I would do too! I can't get back to all of you fast enough. For the ones I have checked, the result is the same - In Transit. 

I'm sorry you'll be going through a weekend without or having to scout the streets. I will get the tracking numbers out as I can, so you know when to expect them.

Take care evryone,