Welcome Litecoin :)

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I am a true Bitcoiner, no doubt. Bitcoin hit my radar when the Bitcoin white paper landed in my tech feed back in 2009.

I only read the first few pages. I was busy and when there were too many words that I needed definitions for, I tucked it away. Needless to say that when it it my radar again in 2011 or so, I started paying attention. 
So Cannabis and Bitcoin came together beautifully for me. They both make sense to me. There has been so many changes and cryptos it can be very confusing. I felt sticking with one it the easiest. I do have a couple other cryptos I picked up along the way. I have accepted other crypto when I started. I also accepted re-load cards too.

Things are always moving, so I think it's good to adapt. Anytime I ask folks what other crypto would they use, they say: Litecoin or Ethereum. Adding Litecoin makes a good addition. It's built like Bitcoin. That makes it good for storage and transactions. It's lower exchange rate and higher transaction speed are good things. Ethereum is good too. It operates really good in smart contract type transactions. 

With that said, let me know if any of you are using Litecoin. Any resources or suggestions will be very helpful in letting people know how to use Litecoin.

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Welcome Litecoin :)

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