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    Chem Hammer

    Chem Hammer  These are all organic and from the grower that produces much of the bud listed for a number
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    Quantum Hammer Quantum Hammer won the 2016 DOPE CUP for the  Best Hybrid Recreational Flower. Organically grown from seeds. The
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    BHO Shatters.   Current stock is: Do Si Dos and Blueberry Kush/Critical Kush These are pull shatters. It is soft at room temperature, shatter
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“Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face” - Mike Tyson

We had some planned events. Not fun events, but life events. Foot surgery at the end of August, move in October. Didn’t work that way! 

My wife’s foot surgery was major. Basically fixing a botched surgery from fifteen years ago.  So her foot hadto be broken, then put back together with plates, screws and donor bone. She does a lot for our household, grandkids and aromatherapy/products business. And she helps me make the gummies. She busted her ass to move as much as possible before the 30th. The day of her surgery.

As for the move! Where do I start. I’ll stick to the short story. :) In addition to moving the household I had to move my operation and command center. I was in a finished garage in an apartment/condo. People knew I smoked ganga, I could make noise. Listen to music and run the vacuum bag sealer machine. I was respectful of my neighbors and kept the odor down and didn’t crank the tunes. People know I work on the internet and have back issues, so I had a great cover. It got a little chilly in the winter, warm in the summer, but tolreable. That and I’m tough! :) 

The one car garage in the new place - no way!

I had a space at an office building where my wife has her store. To make it work I have had to sound proof and mitigate the odors. No small task on top of moving, being a nurse and making sure nothing is getting missed. Oh! I won’t be smoking at the new place either.

So I am writing this at the new office. Nothing is quite finished here or at the new and old houses, but it’s very close. I think I have everything here to ship orders with. So I am going to get the ball rolling again, while I finish the moving.

I am exhausted and my body hurts everywhere. My back is pissed off. And I am more than ready to get back to work. And I have new stuff to get and put in stock. I’m excited about that.

I apologize for the delays and I appreciate all of your patience. With such a huge task at hand I figured it was best to focus on the big stuff and knock it down, especially when folks are offering help.

Thank you all - I will be in touch with you soon,


I use a standard "Small Box" from the Postal Service. Easily fits in apartment style mailboxes.

What is the quality?

My quality is very high. All the products are grown organically in soil, unless stated otherwise. The buds are properly cured and dried. Extracts are super clean, processed by pros

Is Cannabits legit?

The answer is yes, I run an honest and legitimate business. My goal is to provide my customers with great products and great customer service so they will come back for more and tell their friends

Can I get a tracking number for my order?

I do not provide tracking information unless needed for verification.

Where do you ship to?

I ship to all 50 states

Can I pay with Paypal, credit card, Western Union etc?

I do not accept any other payment methods besides what is listed in the payment section. I currently accept Bitcoin and Reload-It cash re-load cards

How do you ship?

I ship USPS

How long does it take to receive my package?

Generally it takes from 4-6 weekdays once payment is received.